our story

moss & pear owners Fiona and Morven


 At moss & pear, we do have a care in the world.

Hair, face and body products: from nature, for nature. We’re passionate about safeguarding the environment. That’s why we offer quality products from small, sustainability-focused enterprises across Australia.

They’re made exclusively of natural ingredients. No plastic, no chemicals, no cruelty.

And no fuss either: it’s easy to order, and we’re swift to deliver.

Let’s protect the environment, one great product at a time.


moss & pear was lovingly imagined by a Scottish environmental enthusiast living in Melbourne. The idea emerged many years ago but wasn't created until now.

The genuine sentiment behind moss & pear is to live kindly, waste less, re-use more and 'do what you can' to help the world we live in be more sustainable.

I have been a passionate nature lover most of my life. I have a 'daggy' 80s photo of me wearing my Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace t-shirt and distant memories of being called a tree-hugging, vegetarian hippy. I am happy with that moniker now.

My daughter and I got together to ensure this dream came to fruition, and do our bit to change the single-use plastic habits we all face each day.

Why not join us?

Fiona and Morven